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Aperture LLC and Privacy Policy page!

The Aperture team treasures and appreciates the trust you have in us, and that is why we value your safety and security. We are determined to ensure the security and protection of our website visitors’ personal and non-personal data in agreement with the Data Protection Act, 1998. We only gather the information that is absolutely indispensable to the good functioning of our website, and we carefully guard it against any kind of misuse.

The team that owns and manages Aperture LLC And Funker Tactical Media is dedicated to the protection of the privacy of your personal date, and we take this matter seriously. We know all our users care about the way their personal information is shared and used, and that all of them trust us to use it with utmost care. This Privacy Policy clearly explains how we gather and use the personal data we are offered, or we collect in relation to your use of In case you might have any additional inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to reply.

1. Personal Information We May Collect

Personal data is collected each time a website user registers or subscribes to the Aperture newsletter, or contacts us in any way (through our main page, contact page, or comment section). The personal details you might be required to provide in any of these situations are your email address and name. Aperture employs personal information in order to reply to messages, requests or questions from users.

We do not under any circumstance do not sell your contact details for promotional purposes or advertising unless you have provided us with your consent.  Aperture LLC does reserve the option to send occasional promotional email to your email address or contact information provided.

We may use non-personal, and personal information for one or more of the purposes described below:

  • To improve and personalize your web surfing experience on, using the collected information to respond to the individual needs of our users
  • To increase the quality of our website based on the input and feedback, you offer us
  • To answer your questions, inquiries and requests as well as possible
  • To send you periodic emails, but only if you have subscribed to our newsletter

2. Browser and IP Information; Cookies

Every time you visit, we may indirectly gather some data regarding the type of browser you use, as well as Internet Protocol address (“IP”) and store such data through the use of so-called “cookies.” Cookies are pieces of data stored on a computer, and they are tied to the virtual information about the user. The kind of information collected includes URL addresses (the URL you came from and the URL you are accessing next), as well as IP address and browser information. Cookies enable us to confirm whether or not a user in online, to offer easier browsing and increase the quality of the website. We never use cookies to gather or store information that could be employed to identify you personally, such as email addresses. If you are worried about security issues, you can set your browser’s options to reject or accept all cookies, or even to notify you when a cookie is set.

3. Other sites

The present Privacy Policy applies exclusively to Sometimes, we may include links to various other websites which we have no control over. These websites can place their own cookies or other possibly damaging files on your computer, gather data or even solicit you to provide personally identifiable data. The team expressly disclaims any responsibility for the security and privacy practices of these other websites. When you leave to access other sites, we advise you to read through their privacy practices section, as well, especially in case you have any suspicions or security concerns.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy may periodically update its privacy practices at our own discretion. Any minor changes will be presented on this page, and the date of the revision will be clearly indicated at the top of this section. If for any reason we make any consistent changes to our privacy policy, we will also include a prominent notice on the main page of our website, to make sure all our visitors are aware of the change. However, we should mention that we have no plan or intention to modify anything in the near future as we cannot imagine a reason for which to change anything unless any new laws change and compel us to do the same. We believe we are currently doing a great job of caring for and protecting your privacy, and we want to reassure you of our commitment to the present form of our Privacy Policy.

We will only use the information gathered indirectly or directly in accordance with the Privacy Policy that was in use when the data was collected (in the eventuality that the present form will change due to factors such as legal updates or new laws being issued).

5. Questions

If you have any questions or further inquiries in relation to this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

This Privacy Policy is issued under the terms of the Aperture Terms of Use Agreement, which we suggest you should read as well.