Close Quarters Fighting with Concealed Carry Weapons-Ryan Hoover Volume 1

Fights happen at close range. Having a gun does nothing to change this, yet the average citizen that carries a concealed firearm eschews close quarters, dynamic engagement, in favor of general marksmanship. The sterile environment of an indoor range offers little in the way of realistic self-defense training. While accuracy is important, it means little if the defender is unable to access or retain the firearm, once the fight is on. This video addresses these crucial issues.

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  • SKILL BUILDING: Pummelling drills,arm drags, single necktie, inside bicep pummelling, drill combinations, duck unders, reading and reacting to live energy, hand fighting, hand fighting with a gun
  • FUNCTIONAL PAD WORK: Tactile/visual cues, covering, creating space, drawing your weapon, striking options, closing distance, read/react drills,
  • GUN RETENTION OUTSIDE THE HOLSTER: Skills , drills, principles and techniques
  • GUN RETENTION INSIDE THE HOLSTER: Skills, drills, principles and techniques
  • PRESSURE TESTING & LIVE ENERGY: Proximity management, monitoring, preemption vs reaction, safety in training, appropriate progression
  • DEALING WITH A BLADED ATTACKER: Trained vs Untrained reactions, takedowns & ground control, margin of error,
  • DEFENSE AGAINST BLUNT FORCE: Proximity management, takedowns and ground control, aggressive and decisive actions
  • TAKEDOWN DEFENSE TO LETHAL FORCE TRANSITIONS: Limitations of sportive clinches, creating angles, accounting for the totality of circumstances, counter-measures, winning moments in time
  • OUT OF HOLSTER GUN RETENTION ON THE GROUND: Avoidance, escapes, getting to your feet, shrimping and hip escapes on asphalt, striking to make space, live energy reads
  • IN HOLSTER GUN RETENTION ON THE GROUND: Positional retention, addressing the grab
  • INSTRUCTOR INTERVIEW: Principles vs Techniques, progressive intensity training, the importance of skill building, real time and real energy, adaptiveness, your weapon can be theirs, active resistance, the fallacy of situational awareness.
  • BONUS MATERIAL: All about the SIRT Pistol, making mistakes in training, safety in training and mitigating risk of injury